Warranty / Guarantee

The Celtic Shield is a minimalist wallet, each product is inspected, properly packaged, and ensured so that you get what you paid for. Any Celtic Shield product is covered against any manufacture defect. As such, should there be any problem with your product you have 15 days from date of arrival to contact us to set up a return

The warranty is a life time warranty for the original owner only. You must have a copy of your receipt, if you lose your receipt please provide the name of the original purchaser, and the date of purchase and we will pull it from our records. When providing the date of purchase please help us narrow our search by providing and estimated date of purchase give or take 14 days.

RFID Disclaimer

It’s a scary world out there. Credit card companies and governments are putting RFID chips in your cards and identification, sometimes without your knowledge. Celtic Shield wallets will protect your information, it is designed to specifically inhibit those radio frequencies from escaping until you pull your card out. Did we mention it’s secure only until you pull your card out!

After Market Engraving

Custom Engraving not done by Celtic Shield or it’s affiliates is not covered under this initial warranty. Engraving on the wallet after you receive it (i.e. after market engraving) or anodizing does not particularly car for being bent, if YOU engrave on the 6061 aluminum YOU run the risk of cracking the finish, Celtic Shield will not replace damage parts you elected to engrave. Replacement parts can be purchased from our online store at any time, however should you need a customer engraved plate replaced you will incur the full cost of the engraving plus the plate itself.

Pocket Wear / Elastic Bands

Pocket wear that will eventually show on corners is considered to be “normal”. Bands should never break however if they do it will be replaced, bands that wear out will also be replaced. In both scenarios we will require you to return the broken or worn -out band and we will swap them out from out current stock. At this time Celtic Shield requires that you return the items in a insured tracking  box to cover any items lost by the postal service or other carrier. You pay only for the shipping on the returned item. Extra bands can be purchased in the accessories area of our online store.

Water Damage

Our products are water resistant not water proof! Nor do they float, those of you with a diving career or plan on spending an excessive time in the water with our product should be a good swimmer, tie it off or simply don’t drop it!


Our warranty does not cover lost items via the postal system. Each item, excluding screws, bands or clips, must be returned via certified insured mail for the cost of that item.