What Others Have Been Saying

Joe C

Awesome wallet the retention of the straps is super strong you wont loose your cards or challenge coin. It is just as comfortable to wear in the back pocket as a normal bi-fold wallet. Highly recommend the purchase.

Mark S

Got my wallet last week and have been putting it through the paces this week. You will never want or need another wallet! Lite weight, durable, all of your important stuff is secure and I mean ITS SECURE. Nothing is falling out, coin, cards, $$ nothing escapes unless you want it to. Top notch quality and care put into this little holder.

Dave M

I wanted to share my experience with everyone. I ordered my wallet just the other day, and was immediately responded back via pm on Facebook if I wanted clip, or no clip and color and coin or no coin, All things I didn’t know were options. I can happily report that I already received it and it is beyond my expectations. The color and fit and finish is perfect, and the quality is worthy of a lifetime wallet. I cannot express how nice the thing feels in my pocket. Do not hesitate to order. I am sure you will be pleased.

Chuck H

Best Wallet I have ever purchased! I had the original, but decided I needed to purchase the latest and greatest with the coin holder and money clip. Great additions! I bought these wallets, because I wanted RFID protection they provide. I travel a lot, and I have had my CC’s compromised on many occasions. I no longer have had that issue with the Celtic Shield! Great product and great customer service!!

Travis D

The Celtic Shield wallet is awesome! I bought this wallet because I wanted to be protected against the threat of RFID theft/hacking; and it does just that. What has impressed me is the small sleek design, the high quality engraving, the precision craftsmanship, and the great customer service. I am an IT provider and will be recommending these to all my geek friends for a great way to protect from RFID hacking as well as just a great product! Cheers to the good folks at The Celtic Shield!

Benjamin M

Best wallet I have ever purchased! I do not replace wallets often. I owned my last wallet for 10 years or so and used it until it fell apart at the seams. This may be the last wallet I will ever purchase. The construction is solid, the coating durable, the straps hold my money and coin in place, all while floating around in my pocket with keys, knife, and everything else I carry on a daily basis. I even keep business cards stashed in with my ID, and they do not bend and wear like they would in other wallets. If you are still considering whether or not to buy this wallet, stop now, buy the wallet. You won’t be disappointed!